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Nudie andNudist?
The Nudie Argument – If you, like me, have seen those classic naturist photos, black and white images and very grainy from the 1930’s and 40’s, you may be able to comprehend why the whole naturism thing doesn’t actually reach the spot when it comes to attracting young people.
Some naturists today are attempting to rebrand their image into something more modern and even use the term nudie to attempt to distance themselves from those old German pictures of blond haired women and men dancing with hoops. We all understand these individuals now are very old or dead, but the mistake of what naturism or the new nudie movement is about lives on. They say when you clarify something then people will end up less scared of it, and in this post I want to quickly dispel the myths about naturists or Nudies and explain some facts.
Myths About Nudies and Nudists
Nudies are all about sexual experience
This can be among the primary misconceptions about the nudie movement. The amount of sexual activity that goes on between Nudies, is no more or less than that which goes on between people who are completely clothed. They are doing substantially the same as any “normal individual” simply without clothes. To draw comparisons between sexuality and Nudies, is really superficial and down right incorrect!
Nudies and Sexual arousal
By simply taking your clothes off in front of other people does not mean you will become sexually aroused. Occasionally guys who reveal their genitals for the very first time recognize they are more likely to be aroused by a girl in a hot bikini than nudist girls who are only unclothed.
You’ve got to have a toned, fit body to be a Nudie
Sorry people, but naturists come in all shapes. Nudies can be fat, skinny, old, young and / or everything in between. don’t have to have a perfect “David-esque body” to be a Nudie. Nudism is about body approval, the notion that every body is beautiful and should be observed as such.
Being a real Nudie is for singles or couples, but is not a family encounter.
Incorrect! The naturist movement welcomes with open arms families and children of most ages. In reality, small children often joyfully embrace the insufficient restrictive clothing. Please note that kids are generally prohibited to enter a nudie environment without their parents or guardians.
New Age Nudies!
Nudiesnever wear clothing
This is another misconception. Despite the fact that they feel more comfortable without clothing, they’ll cover up for warmth if the weather gets chilly. Recall, nudies are people, they’re not dumb!
Nudies are perverts
This could not be further from your truth! Anyone who visits a designated naturist destination would see that are of the “standard variety”, but without clothing.
In conclusion, some individuals of the modern naturist movement prefer to call themselves nudies to change and rejuvenate the image of naturism. While this may help raise interest, the best way to rejuvenate the movement is by making it accessible, interesting and pleasing!
Nudies – YAY!!!
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