Breaking News: Rock Lodge Nudist Club in NJ Declares Lower Rates For Younger Naturists!

New Rates At Rock Lodge!
Nude beaches have long been the favourite place for many young individuals who want to swim and sunbathe unclothed. They are low-cost, open to the public, and demand no commitment. What if you don’t live near any beaches or need to go somewhere else? Well there are clubs and resorts, given that they’re close enough, within your budget, and perhaps most importantly, have other people there around your actual age.
We need all bare and clothing-optional positions to flourish, be used as much as possible, and be accessible to everyone, including the 18-35 generation that we are working to participate. Last summer we organized two successful young naturist parties at Rock Lodge Club, and now good news with this summer! Rock Lodge only announced new rates for the approaching season beginning April 28th, 2012. (Though with these record high temps, that may not be soon enough 😉
They can be the first club in NJ to have lower rates for young adults!
Young Adult (18-34) Full membership: $250 (including tax) per person (= $500 couple)
Young Adult (18-34) Daily fees: $25 per couple, $15 per single
This really is a terrific matter for young folks and nudism / naturism itself. The dearth of young folks in naturism is a issue that went a bit viral a year ago after it was reported on by the WSJ, subsequently Failure Magazine, BlissTree and many others. AANR and TNS have been losing membership, and it seems like most naturists are over 45. So the general misconception out there is that the movement is under threat of extinction. From what we have seen, I don’t believe there are less 18-35 year olds becoming nude. They generally only favor the playa and other places over clubs and resorts.
The average age at many nudist clubs and resorts is 50 . Some (most?) Areas need to alter this, some might simply be happy with an older crowd, and a few may be depending on attracting younger people for survival. We watched a club last summer whose members were literally dying off. ‘ve now unfortunately become a textile family campground. We are going to miss you, Bonita 😦
For clubs who do desire a younger demographic, creating lower rates is an excellent start! Young adults nowadays are struggling to locate a decent job and career, making less money and often burdened with substantial student loans to pay off. Eek. Special low rates are one way to appeal to them. As we assemble our community, we hope to do future occasions and assemblies for young people that may also support all the many clubs and resorts.
Rock Lodge Nudist Club in NJ
This summer we will once again have two weekend assemblies at Rock Lodge, so mark your calendars! The weekend of July 14-15th and August 18-19th. On July 14th we can also participate in AANR’s national body painting / competition 🙂
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